Sick and People Around Her

As salamualaikum peeps , it’s the end of one week holiday and today I get this feeling to write a post about my friend.

Yeay I know , I really want to post something from the start of my holiday but tadaaa nothing was posted throughout the entire week,
So this friend of mine just got back from Turkey and she is sick , yeah due to her hectic schedule during holiday , you know when you go for a budget holiday you surely come back tired.
The thing is everyone were worried of her , I was worried too , like she never got sick before but now she seems so SICK..okay demam biasa laabut demam plus her extra pale face look so awful on her..hahah
And this thing come across my mind
She has a lot of people beside her because she is so good at making friends and what wiil happen if I am sick?
I am not good at making friends at all…OKAY AT ALL . I am kinda self centered I love doing things alone I stay alone in my room now (did I tell you that I have no roommate anymore ? I choose that though , gonna sur…


As salamualaikum , greetings from india..
Its already 1.26 am here and i am not supposed to sleep yet as there are like tons of lecture notes need to be finish by the end of this week and i don't know why am i here typing this post despite my busy-ness.Semester exam is around the corner and things are really messed up right now !

and then comes the days where i just don't get anything from a lecture..blur from the very start until the end of the class.and rush for lunch.hermm..

Oh ahh..its ramadan now , and another problem pop out : BANGUN SAHUR ...fuhh..
this one thing that my body and mind and everything cannot cope is waking up early with alarm..
i just don't understand why but this happen , even if i sleep like so early at night , the result is just the same .How i wish i can clone my mak just to wake me up every morning , and now i am sleeping in my friend's room leaving my super comfortable bed just for the sake to wake up early..arghhh.

omg..its already thursda…

Small THING !

As salamualaikum,

Tadi petang I thought class kannada tak ada because biro akademik said this week all language classes tak akan start lagi .So I pun balik bilik then realized yang battery phone dah nazaq.Then I off my phone to charge it laa.And without realizing bahayanya tutup phone masa kerja *chewaah(9-5pm).I order buku from one of my friend sebab beli dekat dia cheaper compared to beli under senior.Unfortunetely eventhough I dah bayar , dia minta everyone yang order buku untuk hantar mesej kat dia and I tutup phone so I don’t know anything about that matter.Bila bukak phone ja dia mesej kata because I tak hantar mesej kat dia  , buku I tak masuk list and dia kan give my money back.I was so angry then sebab ya laa..dah bayar  kot .But I remain calm sebab tak cool laa gaduh kat university , macam bebudak.
I rasa geram why dia buat macam tu sebab dia tau I nak only one book.
I rasa geram why I off my phone.
I rasa geram sebab skip my very first class kannada.
Tapi tulaa allah ‘s pl…

N A M A S T E I N D I A !

As salamualaikum wbt ,
I baru sedar yang writing is so not my forte , haha.There are so much things to write about but bila buka computer satu pun tak keluar , hermm. Tapi hari ni , sebab bosan sangat , class still tak start lagi so I thought of writing something.
Namaskar India!
I dah sampai India 6 days agoand I experienced many new things throughout the journey .
So basically my route to India to macam semua orang laa , tak adalah transit mana mana , so kiranya tak daklaa adventurous mana.
Perlis à KLIAàBengaluru International Airport à Belgaum Airport
28th of August 2016
Bertolak dari Perlis to Kelantan sebab akan kem pimpin siswa kat USMKK . Kem tu until 31st  of August 2016 .
31st  of August 2016

8 pm gerak ke Sultan Ismail Petra Airport eventhough flight pukul 11 malam , then delay to 11.30 pm kot.
Sampai rumah dah around 1 am.
1st of September2016

Esok tu pukul 5pm dah gerak to KLIA , sampai sana my beg dah exceed limit ! 36 kilo pulaktu , then mulalah pencarian beg tumpa…

Definition !

As salamualaikum , memandangkan malas sangat nak tulis kat ABOUT  and I baru teringat pasal ni so I nak tulis  apa yang ada ja dalam kepala ni.
Tadi masa buat account bank and tiba tiba kena hantar one document ni yangI refused to bawa mai sini but after dipaksa oleh papa , I bawa jugak ! And thank God I dengar cakap papa..haha.This is how I boleh terfikir nak write this post .
The definition of me !
ADILAH – A girl whose parents can/will do anything and almost everything for
herand she will keep on complaining and feel unsatisfied with what they have done for her .

So boleh dikatakan yang I ni anak manja in one way but on the other hand I ni kira independent juga la.
This is one definition of myself yang I boleh fikir sekarang !

Pra - U USM ?

As salamualaikum wbt..

hai peeps.actually i ingat nak sambung pasal orientation week kat my college but then baru sedar yang it was 10 months ago and i dah habis belajar pon kat KMKu  ..opss terbagitau pulak.yup , i belajaq kat KMKu , Kedah. i can say that orientation week is the ONLY week yang i seronok sangat pegi college..lepas tu..hermm.&^^@#^&@^%^#@ <------sila faham.jika tidak faham sila ambil mombor di kaunter 4 

Back to tajuk , i know that ramai orang tak tahu wujudnya programme ni , even i pon tak tahu but fortunately i ada senior under this programme ,  so dah tahu laa pasal kewujudan programme ni . FYI , this is the only programme yg offer students to sambung belajar kat USM - KLE . If nak tahu more about USM - KLE , bolehla google sendiri yaa.

As far i as know , if minta pinjaman mara , students lepasan SPM boleh mohon programme ni but if korang nak minta biasiswa JPA/ JPA - MARA  , its more to rezeki kot sebab we are not given option masa mohon kan?untuk jpa schol…